Toledo is Spain's equivalent of a downsized Rome. It's labyrinth of narrow streets, plazas and inner patios is also reminiscent of the medinas of Cairo or Damascus. There is a interesting combination of synagogues and churches as well as mosques. The artistic legacy bequeathed by the city's former inhabitants is reflected in its cultural values, as well as mosaic of architecture. It's no surprise that Toledo is one of Spain's most visited cities.

Plate 1
  • Plaza de Zocodover
Plate 2
  • Shopping street of Toledo
Plate 3
  • Cathedral de Toledo
Plate 4
  • Cathedral de Toledo
Plate 5
  • Swords of Toledo
Plate 6
  • Porcelain
Plate 7
  • Shops of Toledo
Plate 8
  • Toledo
Plate 9
  • Alcazar
Plate 10
    Plate 11
    • Toledo train station
    Plate 12
    • Plaza de Zocodover