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Sights of Nogales, Mexico

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                                      Nogales, Mexico
You must see Nogales, Mexico on your trip through beautiful and exciting Santa Cruz County. As you enter the main gate in downtown Nogales, Arizona, you are walking in the footsteps of man's history in North America. Origins of the highway through Nogales are traced directly to an ancient foot trail that ran to the ocean near Guaymas-San Carlos at the Gulf of California.

Just across the border from Nogales, Arizona, the two cities share the same name but the cultures have evolved separately. Fill your trip to Mexico with its traditions, wonderful shopping and great food. Take the time to enjoy the restaurants-La Roca and El Greco are a couple of local haunts but there are many terrific restaurants to choose from. If your love is pottery, glassware, furniture, baskets, rugs, leather, or jewelry you will, if you look, find unique and beautiful pieces at reasonable cost.




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