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Monument valley, Arizona

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                                     Monument Valley Photo Expedition 2006
Monument Valley, or Tse' Bii' Ndzisgaii as the Navajos say, is the symbol par excellence of the American Southwest. Used hundreds of times as a backdrop for films and video clips, seen in innumerable TV and magazines ads, Monument Valley has become a kind of "transitory object" of humanity's collective psyche. Its subliminal imagery invokes a powerful associative reflex. The entire world intuitively knows that such a landscape only exists in the American West. A simple image, a profile on the horizon is enough to make us dream of great spaces, infinite possibilities, and escape from the daily grind and worries of our lives. Even its audacious name, "Monument Valley" who would think of calling a piece of the planet such a name somehow conjures up a prehistoric world patrolled by dinosaurs. In any case, whether it's dreams or products, Monument Valley delivers.


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