As you step into Little India, be prepared for an assault on the senses ! You will be greeted by the strong, heady scent of spices and jasmine garlands, following by the treasures trove of silverware, brassware, wood carvings and colorful silk saris, dazzling to behold. Do a walking tour to explore this colorful quarters.  

Today , Little India is the focal point of Singapore's Indian community. It's spice scented streets beckon you to a cornucopia of ethnic jewellary, jasmine garlands and silk saris. From the large Tekka Center and Little India Arcade to the small provision shops, Little India is packed with interesting things to discover. During Deepavali (usually between Oct/Nov), the Indian Festival of lights, Little India is transformed into a fairyland of gaily decorated, brightly lit streets with shoppers. Witness also the faith of devotees during the colorful and ritualistic Thaipusam in Jan/Feb each year.

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