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                                     Hong Kong Photo Expedition 2006
Hong Kong has something to suit every taste and interest. For some its the view from the peak by day or Hong Kong island skyline by night as the spectacular lights of its immense towers dance in unison. For others its a morning of dim sum or a Chinese banquet at night. Fans of modern architecture will appreciate Hong Kong's arresting Central district: world class museums abound for those who wish to dig deeper into local history and culture.Travellers with a sense of adventure will enjoy a ride aboard a tram or the Star Ferry simply for a journey.
Gastronomes will be spoiled for choice in the city's eclectic eateries and not just when selecting Chinese and other Asian dishes; Hong Kong today is a veritable atlas of world food. Hong Kong's bars, pubs and clubs color the spectrum, from the alternative and the chic to the so refined.




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