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Chasing the Mayas: Trip to Guatemala

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                                     Guatemala Photo Expedition 2006
Guatemala is a rare destination that rewards even the most jaded travelers with revelatory experiences - a place where indigenous life endures much as it did before the Europeans first arrived and where no superlatives can capture the grandeur of the landscape.
El Peten is Guatemala is synonymous with tha awesome temples of Tikal. peerless among the classic Mayan cities, Tikal is a must-see for any visitor. Mayan sites such as El Mirador in the extreme jungle depths can be even more exciting because reaching them is a adventure in its own right. 
But the most striking feature of Guatemala is its people. A visit to the raucously colorful markets in town like Chichicastenango will give you a feel for the palpable living culture of Guatemala's indigenous population. It's the Guatemalans themselves who, more than anything, really make traveling in Guatemala special.
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