We signed up for a food tour with Celia Pedroso the author of “Eat Portugal” guide book and it was an awesome experience. We had a great time walking around Lisbon learning about the food and culture. Celia makes the tour enjoyable by her knowledge of the local cuisine, culture, architecture, art and history. We would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Lisbon and it is a great way to get started on a trip to this amazing place. All the pictures below were taken by our friend Matanee Saipetch from Thailand.

Plate 1
    Plate 2
      Plate 3
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                  Plate 9
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                      Plate 11
                        Plate 12
                          Plate 13
                            Plate 14
                              Plate 15
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                                  Plate 17
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                                              Plate 23
                                                Plate 24