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Christmas in Singapore

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                                     Christmas in Singapore Photo Gallery 2007
Christian festivals have a fairly strong following in Singapore. Christmas in particular is heavily commercialized. The entire stretch of the Orchard Road shopping belt is lit up with decorative lights from November to early January.

The multiracial mix is such that most Singaporeans celebrate more than just the festivals of their own ethnic group. So a Chinese Christian might go to church, but also partake in the cultural rites in some Chinese festivals. Even when they don't actually celebrate certain festivals, many will visit their friends and neighbours from other ethnic communities to join in the fun. Of course (Singaporeans being the foodies that they are) it helps when you have Chinese noodles, Malay "satay"and Indian curry thrown in.

Since Christians have a fairly strong following in Singapore, Christmas celebrations are a gala event. Christmas decorations can be found along Tanglin Road, Scotts Road, Marina Bay area and Orchard Road. Sit back and enjoy the 2007 Christmas lightings in Singapore







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