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Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, Argentina

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           Travel to the end of the world, Ushuaia, Argentina

Comprising almost the entire southern half of South America, Argentina is the world's eighth largest country, covering an area of 2.8 million square km. Argentina possesses some of the world's tallest mountains, expansive deserts, and impressive waterfalls, with the diversity of the land ranging from wild, remote areas in southern Patagonia to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires in the north.
One of latin America's great cities, Buenos Aires is a sprawling metropolis. It is also know as the Paris of the South. Buenos Aires attractions are manifold. Beyond the bustling downtown, with its theatre district and soaring hotels lie the colonial quarter of San Telmo; The colorful working class neighborhood of La Boca; the chic burrio of Recoleta with its sumptuous restaurants; the spacious parks and open spaces of Palermo and the riverside Costanera. the grandier of Buenos Aires may now be faded, but enough survives to offer the visitor a rich and unique urban experience.




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